Miracles Happen

Rainbow created by a sprinkler on a hot Summer’s day in Tiergarten, Berlin.

Photo by Alistair MacRobert / Unsplash

Miracles happen when you’re ready to recognize them Manifest this to the Universe

Living is something You Do Now or Never ~~ Which Will You???

My Optimal Life Is My Choice

·         I am accepting everything that is happening right now for a reason to serve me

·         I am accepting how others in my life Are, So I may discover more of my True Potential from within

Benefit Finding ~~~ Seeing the positive & negative results of situations

·         Helping me take control of my mind

An Event is an Event…

·         Everything is a neutral event until we give it meaning

·         Do Not give the past power to define your future

·         Be Response – Able to see both sides of the story

·         Choose the Positive

·         Meaning ~~~Interpretation

Trust in the Journey

·         Life is full of unexpected surprises & it will unfold exactly as it is meant to be.

·         Think of events ~~~ I am truly grateful for this Event because…

·         Holding on to resentment prevents the flow of abundance

Forgiveness is not about the other person

·         It is about you

·         Change one perception for a different perception that is more empowering for you

·         Freedom of choice to move forward in changing my thinking & feeling to influence a new outcome ~ Drawing an EQUAL to myself

People don’t Choose Dreams ~~~ Dreams Choose Them

·         Grab the Dream that PICKS YOU!!!

·         Live out the Dream that’s inside of you

·         Ignite the spark with your WHOLE HEART

·         Step over the sharp ridges – There are no smooth mountains!!!

·         Struggle and Criticism are Prerequisites for Greatness!