From the waves of the ocean unfolding to the shore... A Lifetime Awaits...



Listening to the waves crashing in
Reminiscing where we’ve been
Taking us back
When we were just kids

When we weren’t scared
Of getting older
Growing up making new friends
As though time never ends

But the truth is...
There’s nothing like Best Friends
No one knows you like I know you
And no one probably ever will

Watching the waves roll out
Watching them rise and fall
But each time they fall
They’re sure to rise again 

No matter who we might become
Or who we’ve been before
We move ahead
Making new Friends

But the truth is...
There’s nothing like Best Friends
In a world where things come & go
The one thing true I know is you

Come inside & settle in
A Journey Awaits...
A Lifetime made for Best Friends
Letting the waves carry us where the light disappears

We are the islands in the ocean
Separate on the surface
Connected in the deep
The Crest of each wave...
The beginning in uncovering an entire ocean... SPJP

The Secret of Success is being in harmony with existing waves. Remaining calm & letting each wave of life wash us a little further along the shore creating a magical & joyful experience from within.